1 Date: 4 October 2015 14:21:50

Ссылка на демо http://www95.zippyshare.com/v/tnhu3Gru/file.html

Играл против нас на последнем капе http://www.rft.su/tournaments/matches/564/
У нашей команды есть чувство, что без вх не обошлось. Прошу у кого есть время рассудить нас.

вторая сторона - rusosdemierda_2.dem
По минутам:

2 Date: 4 October 2015 17:07:41


Nick name : carl

Real name : carlos victoria

steam id : STEAM_0:0:10459037

steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/789786376796345387967534/

playing since : 2004 in day of defeat 1.3

some teams : eXcited, Decerto, FirstFrag.es , warriors troopers and member of Team spain in 2 editions etc.

Esl profile: http://play.eslgaming.com/player/log/2234942/

Clips and movies : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2kSWcVJUFo&ab_channel=marioyoja


awards :
1º Dod:S 6on6 premiership II Segunda División 2010
2º Best of Ladder 1on1 de Mayo
2º 1on1 Sniper FastCup IV Enero
3º knife cup III
1º zP! Summer Series - Night-Cup #1
2º zP Summer Series - Speed-Cup #1 july 2011
1º Dods-spain Fastcup #1
1º Dods-spain Fastcup #2
3º Flai Gaming DoD:S Cup #10
1º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 League Spring 2012 3rd division playoff
1º Night Cup DODFRANCE#5
1º Night Cup DODFRANCE#6
3º Night Cup DODFRANCE#7
1º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #9
3º Night Cup DODFRANCE#8
1º Day of Defeat: Source ESL ladder.eu 6on6 120 días
2º Dods-spain Fastcup #3
1º Night Cup Sexygamers #37
2º Night Cup Sexygamers #38
1º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #11
1º Night Cup Sexygamers #39
2º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #14
3º Day of Defeat: Source 1on1 Nightcup #15
3º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #16
3º myRevenge DoD:S #Cup1
1º Liga Española de Day of Defeat Source 2013 Dodspain.
2º myRevenge DoD:S #Cup2
1º Riskcup.net NightCup DoDs #1
1º myRevenge DoD:S #Cup3
1º Riskcup.net NightCup DoDs #2
3º myRevenge DoD:S #Cup4
1º myRevenge DoD:S #Cup5
1º Riskcup.net NightCup DoDs #4
1º myRevenge DoD:S #Cup6
1º Riskcup.net NightCup DoDs #5-A
1º Night Cup Sexygamers #41
1º Riskcup.net NightCup DoDs #6-A
2º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 League Spring 2013 premier
1º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #20
2º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #22
2º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #23
1º Nightcup RFT CUP #3
2º TCNs8 seanson 8 playoffs
1º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #25
1º Riskcup.net NightCup DoDs #8
1º Nightcup RFT CUP #9
1º Nightcup RFT CUP #11
3º Autum league premier 2013
3º Day of Defeat: Source 1on1 Nightcup #26
2º Cups 1.allstars cup #2
2º Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Nightcup #27
1º Torneo - el mejor de anzio
1º EsportnightCup #5
1º # ESL Bundesliga #17
1º EsportnightCup #6
2º EsportnightCup #7
1º Spring league premier 2014
1ºEsport Online Dods #4
1ºemK winternightcup
1ºRFT CUP #16
1ºRunmouse Champ
1ºRFT CUP #17
1ºRFT CUP #19
1ºRFT Champ #4
2ºRFT CUP #23
1º30/03 EST TnT DODS 01
1º Liguilla de DoD:S!
1º YOLO Cup #1
1º TCN Season 11
1ºFun Cup #2 the last one!

and more i lost in the time…

i didnt see the demo, and i dont go to do but, if u think he has cheat after 10 years playing to play one cup like this… then you have not played this game long

1º you do not know who this player is offensive, or simply that you are a novice and why you think that takes some kind of cheat.

It is curious but not surprising that leads you to think that some kind of cheat to make this forum… i mean, you should be accustomed to play against us … and in fact never win if we play all players wt… and i undestand that

some russian players use some cheat recently… but we are playing so long time to do now and for that men…

2º i understand you lost the match for hardly acceptable

Shit map… vs 5 ( 9 minutes) winning 2-0… server russian ( for the rules…) and lost it is hard… i undestand but not for that he is cheat… maybe ur team is not really really good… or not enough.

3º if u want to ban him will be so ridicolous but u can do it, we dont really care… we play that for fun… and not always…

You ought to look at other teams and other players that you are banned and continue playing with fake accounts ;)

for ejemple… http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198217947373 this account im 80 % sure he is jack liver… and he plays yerterday the final… we dont really care but maybe is ur work control it…

and last thing … it would be great that you put other maps… but is that not possible give the option to play in other server not russian… is not really fair… u with 5 ping we play with 110… we can try to play in german server u with 30 ping and we with 70… anyway is fun :)

hope see u next cup :)

greetings kalio :)

3 Date: 4 October 2015 18:09:53

NOCTU4: hahaha
NOCTU4: wtf because he is shooting at a wall they say he is wallhacking xD
NOCTU4: but they didnt see the situations in which he was killed or get cought ofguard
NOCTU4: hahaha if they say this is wh they dont have any gamesense xD
NOCTU4: you just have to prefire randomly - its wallhack :D
NOCTU4: ridiculous
rhaegar.wT <3 arthAs: u watch the demo?
rhaegar.wT <3 arthAs: xD
NOCTU4: yes

by eulen.

4 Date: 4 October 2015 18:47:12

i watched demo . NO WH !!! he's pro player !!!!

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5 Date: 4 October 2015 18:51:28

Просмотрев демо ни чего такого не увидел. 1 момент да в стенку стрелял ну и последний как то чуйкой сверху обнаружил фраг( услышать было там очень сложно так как он сам на ходу был однако возможно - неоднозначно в общем). В остальных моментах в некоторых случаях инфа команды могла быть, ну и банальный слух так как на карте много дерева и грунта, если слышишь какой то из этих звуков то откуда придет соперник не сложно определить на флангах. В остальном что можно сказать не понятный мне стиль игры иностранцев, да стрельба с пингом ихним на наших сервах моментальная да еще и в хед шоты. Мой вердикт вх вроде как нет, а если и есть то он достаточно неплохо его скрывает при том что играет на уровне.

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6 Date: 5 October 2015 01:18:53


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